Shouldn't your company rather be growing with new product openings than relying on the (so far continuing) stream of existing product revenues. By improving your portfolio management and requirements management you are likely to make it.

Additionally your company might be like many other - having big waste on overlapping IT tools and non-optimal operations. Big untapped potential!

Many companies have started fixing their operations from back to front. First it was customer deliveries - fixes really, then testing and now many have looked their development process approach i.e. gone into agile. This is good, but in many cases Agile is not enough for the front-end. Our customer cases has proven that in many cases the Agile or R&D team is still too far from the customers, especially if you make several products, or product with many product modules. Learn from us how you can make the enhanced front-end that works for your.

Landon Oy provides top notch consulting on Product Creation Front-End - Requirements Management, Portfolio Management, and System Design. We and our partner companies provide you solutions from business and operative practices distillation all the way to the IT-tools needed to run a successful and a highly competitive operation.

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