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This is a new type of engineering portal. We are keen to experiment this as being a living on-line book with interactivity. The interactivity here means that feel free to ask questions from us, and comment the posts. The target is to be an independent, non-vendor-biased place for various topics. As engineering is a wide topic, we have split it into competence domains. Pls have a look!

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This is a new type of engineering portal. We are keen to experiment this as being a living on-line book with interactivity.

The cookbook on Successful Internal Startups

So it has been a while perfecting the next book. It does not sound very much if you haven't ever written a book. But let me assure you that it takes many months from the point in time, when you have all the text and pictures together. The book is called The cookbook on Successful Internal Startups. It is free, so don't worry. Stay tuned!

Jukka Märijärvi

Jukka Märijärvi is seasoned SW industry veteran who has held several director level jobs in Nokia Device and Networks businesses. He has also co-authored the Finland's most used Software Engineering book. Jukka focuses on coaching industry leaders on what to do and how to do it efficiently.

Landon Oy

Landon Oy provides top notch consulting on Product Creation Front-End - Requirements Management, Portfolio Management, and System Design. We and our partner companies provide you solutions from business and operative practices distillation all the way to the IT-tools needed to run a successful and a highly competitive operation.

The Sunday Guardian has an interesting post about disruptions and innovations. The writer notes that disruption is the word of today - all startups with disruption on their slides get funding. And he argues that is not necessarily good.

The article ends:

Instead, be creative. Make something unique. That way, you can stand up to the geeks and say with total confidence: "disrupt this, motherfuc*er!"

Indeed, there is a lot of potential in each company when the innovation path is just fixed. With fixing I mean that many innovation processes would need revitalization, and become truly a part of the company front-end. a lot of good innovations are in peoples mind - only to get them collected, and acted upon. Over the years I have noticed that a innovation tools often work in the beginning but as the dust settles so does the energy around it and ideas just stay on peoples minds not progressing forward.

However, the is a interesting and well working possibility when one adds active innovation process with internal startup concept.

I argue that companies can renew quicker and raise enthusiasm by this method. And additionally ignite more innovation ideas as people actually see that the system is working and some of the ideas go forward in lean startup fashion.

I will be giving few classes on the topic real soon. Check if this would work for you: